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  • Friday, February 16, 2024 3:35 PM | Elizabeth Mattke (Administrator)

    Jane has 18 years of experience in the banking and financial services industries, serving in a host of roles in both commercial and retail lending. She specializes in commercial loans and banking solutions, including commercial real estate, investment real estate, construction, SBA financing, C & I, lines of credit and equipment financing. Jane takes a consultative approach to lending by evaluating her client’s goals to ensure that they obtain the best loan product to fit their needs.

    Jane is a Gainesville native, a graduate of P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School and a graduate of the University of Florida, with a degree in Economics.

    She is active in the Gainesville community, currently serving as an Ambassador for the Builders Association of North Central Florida, Advisory Board Member for the F.W. Buchholz Academies of Finance and Entrepreneurship and an Auxiliary Board Member for Children’s Home Society. She is also a graduate of Leadership Gainesville, Class of 39 and has served on many other non-profit boards and committees in roles such as Chairperson, Co-Chair and Treasurer.

  • Thursday, January 25, 2024 2:39 PM | Elizabeth Mattke (Administrator)

    At our January Luncheon, Denise Weber introduced the GAWN Book Read, which is similar to a Book Club, but meets in groups of 6 at various locations. Sign-ups will be on the back table at each luncheon. Groups will meet at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Saturday each month beginning February 6th.

    The first book, for discussion 2/6, is: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

    For future month's book selections, click GAWN Book Read List.pdf

    Contact Denise for further information: (subject line: GAWN Book Read)

  • Thursday, November 30, 2023 6:34 PM | Elizabeth Mattke (Administrator)

    Effective January 1, 2024, we will be adjusting our luncheon registration prices and deadlines in order to cover the cost of food and labor increases. The new registration prices and deadlines will be as follows:

     GAWN Members -Early Registration, $22, available through Wednesday of the week before the luncheon

     GAWN Members - Regular Registration, $35, available from Thursday of the week before the luncheon through the day of the luncheon

     Guests - Early Registration, $27, available through Wednesday of the week before the luncheon

     Guests - Regular Registration, $40, available from Thursday of the week before the luncheon through the day of the luncheon.

    Please try to register as early as possible for each of the luncheons. Early registration will not only save you money, it will also help your GAWN Board have an accurate count of attendees to provide to our venue.  In turn, our venue will be able to ensure that they prepare enough of their delicious food for all of us to enjoy. Thank you!

  • Friday, November 03, 2023 11:40 AM | Elizabeth Mattke (Administrator)

    image000000.jpgDenise Weber is a local landscape designer with nearly 30 years’ experience in the residential sector. She is the principal designer for Denise Weber Landscapes, and she collaborates with top-notch local contractors to provide a design/build service to the Gainesville area.

    For Denise, her work is about creating outdoor living environments alive with diversity, natural beauty, and shrinking energy footprints. Her interest is in creating functional spaces using combinations of native, Florida-friendly, and edible plants. It is about creating spaces to be cared for over spaces to be managed. Denise believes a well-designed, well-installed landscape can bring a host of benefits and provide a "sense of place" on the principles of health, safety, and welfare.

    Denise holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida and a second degree in Landscape Design and Construction from Colorado State University. She is TurfSWAP certified with the Alachua County EPA and certified in stormwater management with the state of Florida.

    Denise Weber Landscapes are Designed, Created and Built on the Concept of Shrinking the Energy Footprint and Providing a Sense of Place.


  • Thursday, October 05, 2023 2:10 PM | Elizabeth Mattke (Administrator)

    When my father was dying, he repeatedly asked me, “What should I do? What should I do?” Being able to reassure him with calm and loving presence was the first step in my journey toward becoming a certificated end-of-life doula in 2015, after a career as an educator and an editor. Before that time, my loved ones had been fortunate to receive tremendously competent medical support; thereafter, I was able to provide spiritual, emotional, and practical support to them and my clients.

    Joining GAWN this year has been a highlight of 2023. Before moving to Gainesville in 2018, I was a lifelong resident of northern Ohio and began offering end-of-life doula services there. GAWN has helped me to connect with the special women in the Gainesville area community who form the membership. The monthly meetings are energizing because of inspiring speakers, and also because of the lovely new people I meet each month.

    I joined GAWN as part of a group of End-of-Life Doulas who represent the Gainesville area membership if a statewide organization called FEOLDA, which stands for Florida End-of-Life Doulas. My mission is the same as FEOLDA’s ( “to provide resources, non-medical care, advocacy, and compassionate support for the dying” and their families and friends.

    It amazes me to be part of FEOLDA’s collection of talented and compassionate souls. Each member has areas to which they gravitate. We have experts in grief/mourning, advance directives and preparation, media resources, advocacy, funeral/burial, legacy projects, and education. I am among those who focus on bedside vigil, but we are all trained to provide non-medical, personalized care in all areas.

    Each of us meets personally with a new client to devise a care plan based on the needs of the individual. Each scenario is different, and each of us has expertise in meeting unique needs. I am fortunate to be able to collaborate with my colleagues whenever necessary to provide what each client might need. The colleagues who joined GAWN with me are as follows.

    • William Turner Heath is multitalented. As a licensed funeral director and host of The Calling Hours ( or ) he is also a certified end-of-life doula and media specialist;
    • Shanti Vani ( or 352-225-1385 ) enhances her end-of-life doula practice as a grief recovery training specialist;
    • Rev. Jane Roy is an interfaith minister, green burial specialist, co-host of My Trail Ends, as well as partner in William and Weed Funeral Services ( or 352-204-2381); and
    • Anna Schwait has expertise in Advanced Directives (; 352-538-7161).

    The privilege of accompanying the dying has provided me with some of the most meaningful times in my life. My areas of focus are bedside vigil and legacy works, but I delight in meeting the needs of clients and their families with practical support, ethical will preparation, life review, and additional services to facilitate the best experience during this sacred passage. Please feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email:

    Phone: 216-316-4454 or Email:

  • Thursday, October 05, 2023 1:59 PM | Elizabeth Mattke (Administrator)

    Jennifer is the Business Development Manager at West Networks, which helps local  and national companies improve the speed and reliability of their internet connections both in their office locations as well as at off-site or mobile deployments.

    Jennifer has been in the Alachua County community for 19 years and counting.  She has worked in technology and telecommunications for nearly 25 years and is a great resource for all your internet connectivity questions.

    This is her second time joining GAWN and she’s thrilled to be back.  She first joined GAWN in a previous life when she was the local Cox Business representative for several years. 

    In addition to GAWN, Jennifer is also involved in several other local network associations.  She is currently a Gainesville Chamber Diplomat, a board member of the Hawthorne Area Chamber, a former Ambassador of the Ocala CEP, and a member of the Alachua County Hospitality Council.  She is also a founding organizer of TEDxGainesville, which is the locally executed version of the famous “TED Talks.”

    Jennifer loves facilitating connections so please don’t hesitate to reach out to her if she can help your networking efforts.

    Jennifer Phelps Business Development Manager
    Mobile/Text: (904) 874-4229
    2404 NW 43rd St Gainesville, FL 32606 or

  • Sunday, June 11, 2023 10:29 AM | Kristy Moffat

    We were informed and entertained by Elizabeth Hanselman's two-minute speech during our most recent luncheon!  She won our Spotlight Award drawing at our May luncheon.  Here is a summary of what she had to say:

    "To put it simply, GAWN changed my life! I had recently relocated from the Big Apple and was trying to start a Massage Therapy practice when I attended my first meeting in January of 1995. There was this red-headed fellow who I assumed must either be connected to the restaurant or married to one of the other members. However, Robert Hanselman was the very first male member of GAWN and very much single!

    At the April meeting, Robert finally got the courage to approach me, we traded business cards and… the rest is history – we got married a little over a year later. I guess you can say I got the most from networking!

    Fast-forward several years and we both stopped attending meetings until I was selected to be the Program Director of Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run Training in Gainesville in the Fall of 2010. At that point I re-joined GAWN with the idea of guiding people to better fitness through a Program that easily fits into most people’s lifestyle, provides accountability, and produces results while having fun.

    The Run/Walk/Run approach is particularly empowering for women over 50 who often sell themselves short and are discouraged from their full potential by senseless fitness fads and misleading information! In 2017 I added a Walking Only group to Gainesville Galloway for those who cannot or should not run but want to participate in run/walk events and get out in the fresh air with other like-minded and encouraging people.

    What I like about GAWN is the friendly atmosphere, the opportunity to showcase my business with a table-top display and the range of topics presented. However, the members of GAWN are the best part of every luncheon.

    Besides GAWN, I am also a member of the Writes’ Alliance of Gainesville (WAG) and have written my first novel (about running, of course) and am pursuing both an agent for the book and studying how to edit and proofread so I can help other writers.

    As for advice to anyone starting out is Network! Network! Network! Meeting people not only increases your “bottom line” but also enhances you as an individual. Everyone has something of value to bring to the table…and unless you’re willing to meet and mingle, you may very well miss out on something, or someone, special."

    Elizabeth Hanselman

    Gainesville Galloway Program Director


  • Wednesday, May 03, 2023 10:49 AM | Kristy Moffat

    We are excited to hear from one of our newest members, Nancy Short, at our May luncheon!  She won our Spotlight award in April.

    Nancy is the Director of Sales for Our Town Magazine.  Our Town is a direct-mailed family magazine which has an interesting collection of articles about people and places in our community, timely and pertinent columns, as well as a comprehensive calendar of events, festivals, and area happenings.

    Nancy has been a resident of Alachua County for 30 years.  She has worked in marketing and print advertising for 25 years.

    She is very involved with other local networks, including BNI, The Jonesville Business Group, and Toastmasters.  She also serves on the fundraising committee for the St. Francis House.

    Nancy loves networking, and getting to know and learn from others.  She looks forward to meeting you at one of GAWN's next events!

  • Monday, May 01, 2023 12:57 PM | Kristy Moffat

    Due to increased costs associated with our luncheons and the need to provide an accurate headcount to our venue in a timely manner, we have adjusted our luncheon registration types and pricing.

    The new registration types and pricing are as follows, and you'll see this same information each time you register on our website for one of our luncheons:

    • GAWN Member - Early Registration, $20, available up to the Thursday the week before the luncheon
    • GAWN Member - Intermediate Registration, $30, available from Friday the week before the luncheon to Monday the week of the luncheon
    • GAWN Member - Last Call Registration, $35, available the day before and the day of the luncheon
    • Guest - Early Registration, $25, available up to the Thursday the week before the luncheon
    • Guest - Intermediate Registration, $35, available from Friday the week before the luncheon to Monday the week of the luncheon
    • Guest - Last Call Registration, $40, available the day before and the day of the luncheon

    We strongly encourage all attendees register as early as possible to keep registration costs low and help your GAWN Board have an accurate count to provide to our venue.  This will help us have the correct number of tables set up before the luncheon and ensure we have enough food prepared for all attendees.

  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023 3:47 PM | Kristy Moffat

    We are excited to hear from Angela Dragon at our luncheon tomorrow!  She won our Spotlight award at the March luncheon.

    Angela is the CEO of Simplify Home Organizing and Happiness Coach Angela.

    In 2014, after a 12-year career in marketing and event planning, she began what she now refers to as her Year of Transformation. She quit her full-time job at the University of Florida and enrolled at the Florida School of Massage. That same year, she also went through a divorce, traveled around the country for several months, and founded what is now Simplify Home Organizing where her team specializes in decluttering and downsizing, including whole home clear-outs that help real estate agents get homes listed and sold fast.

    She is also a Functional Health & Happiness Coach, inspired by a long journey of healing from depression and anxiety, gut health issues, and sleep challenges. She is honored to facilitate transformation in the lives of her clients, who seek out her services in order to create the lives of their dreams, filled with meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, and healthy habits. Now more than ever, she sees a great need for empowerment as it relates to our physical and mental well-being.

    She's happily an active member of the Gainesville community where she enjoys leading home organizing workshops, ecstatic dances, and Cuddle Sanctuary events. In her free time, you can catch her birdwatching, dancing all over town, and finding friendly neighborhood cats to pet.

    Enroll in her affordable and fun online course, Declutter Your Clothing with Ease & Joy!

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