GAWN (Gainesville Area Women's Network) is about giving back everyday in everything we do. Our mission is to empower women and we continually promote the spirit of giving and cooperation.

We also believe in extending our support outside of GAWN.

Together, women are stronger, and we believe the more strong women the better.

Every year GAWN's former Chair, the Advisor, acts as a liaison and works with a non-profit whose mission is also to empower women. We maintain our culture throughout our philanthropy.

We truly believe women work best when they work together. Helping women in need makes all of us stronger.

GAWN's philanthropy partner since 2000 is Focus on the Future: the Displaced Homemaker Program (DHP) at Santa Fe College.

DHP's sole mission is to: Empower and educate individuals to make the transition to the job market.

Through donations of both money and time, GAWN members help support this mission and these women of DHP.

For just $35, you can change one woman's life. Become a DHP sponsor today!

Focus on the Future offers free classes for under or unemployed women, women who no longer have financial support, and for women who need assistance securing employment.

"We appreciate the support, not only monetarily, but in volunteering and helping us acquire resources. The willingness of the members to participate in he program and let the participants know they have community support is so appreciated."

-JoAnn Wilkes, Coordinator of Displaced Homemaker Program 

These women gain:

Life Management Skills-

  • Self-esteem building
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
Professional Development-
  • Resume Writing
  • Job application and interview techniques
  • Professional Image Consulting
  • Job Counseling
Basic Computer Skills-
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Internet us
Financial Management
Education Advancement

If you have any questions about giving back, or you want to know how you can help please contact our current Adviser at

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