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Gina Dortch

Gina grew up in a small town outside of Gainesville. At the age of 19 she enlisted in the United States Air Force where she held a Top Secret clearance working as a Command and Control Specialist.  Her clearance allowed her to work for NATO and live in beautiful countries such as Italy and Germany. After the Airforce she moved to Newport Beach California where she worked in sales and marketing. 

Gina received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and her masters in elementary education and started teaching only to realize that wasn’t her calling. But now she can say that she is in her element using all her varied experiences to benefit the businesses she work with and is happy to say that two years ago she made the decision to come back to Gainesville.

In 2012 she moved from California to Charlotte NC and launched her business. TOPPRZ was built around a strategy that pizza companies have used for decades. The average American household opens the refrigerator dozens of times a day so if a pizzeria has their specials on a menu on top of their pizza boxes there’s a good chance the customer will keep them and stick it on the refrigerator and think of their pizza joint the first time the next craving rolls around.  93% of Americans eat pizza. That statistics by itself creates a solid platform for advertising. Since almost everybody eats pizza, the outreach is tremendous. And for the price of 7 cent per flyer, the TOPPRZ advertising method makes is very affordable.

TOPPRZ is a non-traditional marketing company that allows businesses to team up with large pizza chains such as Dominos across the United States and put your business Exclusively on top of their pizza boxes. Studies show that Americans sort their mail over a trash can and only 2% of direct mail actually make it through the front door. But what if a direct mail flyer was on top of a pizza box?

This advertising method automatically solves the biggest direct mail problem – making it inside the house. And it doesn’t come across as annoying junk mail. Because who will complain about an ad if there is a hot and delicious pizza underneath ready to feed empty bellies?  

Since the years since she launched her business she has build a base of hundreds of pizzerias in the United States and her most recent addition Gator Dominos that has over 20 stores from here to Tampa. In addition, she has raised awareness for hundreds of local businesses from chiropractors to car dealerships, law firms to insurance companies. It’s a win win for both.  She recently hired 3 sales associates and 2 graphic designers to help meet her demand.

The advice she would give to new business owners starting out would be if the idea lights you up and you can’t wait to get out of bed, then you’re on the right path for fulfilling your dream. Just know it will not be easy, it will take some time, but in the end it will all be worth it.

One of the things that she love about GAWN are the powerful women that we have speaking that delivers valuable information. She also love that we have a beautiful place to come together and inspire and motivate one another to keep moving forward as business owners.

Join us in November to meet Gina and get to know more about her during her Spotlight speech!


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