April Spotlight Winner!

Thursday, April 12, 2018 12:23 PM | Deleted user

Linda Sherman of CenterPoint Consulting 

Back in the 80s, Linda Sherman worked in construction manufacturing and professional industries.  She was a decision maker at a time when there were relatively few women in key roles., But it was her willingness to tackle and resolve tough problems through critical thinking that got her to be in such a position at the time.  Later she went on to work with several Fortune 500s in finance, contracts, program and project management. In each of these roles, Linda brought in her own tools and systems.

However, many of these larger companies relied on unethical tactics.  They held back payments for extended periods of time, demanded additional work without compensation, and they moved up time frames and then penalizing with back charges if the businesses couldn’t meet these unrealistic demands.

These are just a few examples of the situations Linda witnessed; their tactics drove small businesses to the brink of disaster – and even closure. This realization broke her heart and drove her to quit a 30-year career and a 6-figure paycheck in order to help small businesses be profitable, competitive, and avoid the pitfall and traps larger corporations use.

Linda now works directly with small businesses where she knows she can make a real difference, teaching people how to implement sustainable, long-term strategies for growth.

Learn more about Linda and her business at the April monthly luncheon.

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