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Alyssa Ciaccio, originally hailing from New York, found her calling in the heart of Gainesville. Transitioning from a career in teaching, Alyssa embarked on a journey that led her to discover her innate gift as a medium. Drawn by familial ties and the allure of serving her community, Alyssa embraced Gainesville wholeheartedly, never looking back.

In her pursuit of healing and spiritual connection, Alyssa founded The Florida Medium. This unique venture offers solace and closure by bridging the gap between the living and the departed. With a compassionate touch, Alyssa guides individuals through grief, offering comfort and wisdom garnered from the other side. Her services extend beyond mere mediumship; through Heart Mind Healing in Thornebrook, she provides mentoring sessions and workshops, empowering others to explore their own spiritual gifts.

Reflecting on her journey, Alyssa emphasizes the importance of overcoming fear and taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Despite initial hesitation, she discovered fulfillment in being her own boss and touching lives in profound ways. For Alyssa, the essence of Gainesville lies in its capacity for growth and community spirit, a sentiment she embodies in both her business and personal endeavors.

For those venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship, Alyssa offers simple yet powerful advice: embrace the unknown and trust in the journey ahead. With courage and determination, one can unlock boundless possibilities and find fulfillment in the pursuit of their passion.

In Gainesville, Alyssa Ciaccio stands as a beacon of hope, guiding souls on their journey of healing and self-discovery. Through The Florida Medium, she weaves threads of connection that transcend the veil between worlds, illuminating the path towards healing and spiritual awakening.

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